Welcome to Developer Death March.

We are going to be interviewing tech leaders in the community to discuss both project horror stories and awesome successes. The goal is to show common pitfalls like putting too many people on a project, but also highlight the amazing work people have done.

Topics Covered

Techical Debt: The hidden cost of technical debt and how it affects projects true cost.

Overworking Employees: The true cost of overworking employees, and why it is more expensive in the long run.

More People More Problems: Why nine women can’t make a baby in a month, and any money spent not on critical path is waste.

Moments of Creativity: Truly awesome moments where people have produced great work in difficult situations.

Project Success Stories: Awesome stories of projects going smoothly and finding out what their secret was.

Human Capital: Learning how to break down projects into the human capital element, in order to understand the true cost of development.